Autonomous Robotics

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Changing the landscape of Urban Mobility Solutions

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Autonomous Robots that can assist in various industrial scenarios.

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Assisting Farmers automate their operational and logistics activities

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Companion robots helping with everyday simple tasks.

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We are continually developing and optimising our Software suite which is the brain of our robots. We use the below technologies to provide an optimal and flexible solution to complexities and problems faced in today’s world.

Robot Operating System (ROS)

Future Concepts Tech has used the Robot Operating System (ROS) as an enabling technology to develop intelligent robotic systems. Using ROS has enabled our robots to operate in dynamic and unconstrained environments.

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Amazon Web Services

AWS provides a massive global cloud infrastructure that allows us to quickly innovate, experiment and iterate.

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Deep Learning

Using Deep learning technology we enhance our robots intelligence capabilities as we attempt to mimic the human brain.

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At Future Concepts Technology we believe Autonomous robotics is the future. We believe robots will work closely with humans in all aspects of life. We are currently developing various autonomous robotics systems which include hardware and cloud based software systems that can be used in a wide variety of industries. We also believe that all future robotics systems should be able to communicate easily with each other to co-exist and operate smoothly. That is the reason we are developing our software suite on a Robot agnostic framework.

Future Concepts Technology is developing the software and hardware infrastructure to assist organisations deploy autonomous robots at scale.

We operate on a "RaaS" (Robots as a Service) business model which ensure our business customers get easy access to our robots with no huge initial outlay costs.

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