We believe that autonomous robotics is going the transform the world of urban mobility as we know it. 

We aim to solve the problems faced by last mile delivery services and make it more efficient for businesses and convenient for end users. 

As a part of this endeavour our first project Zazu is an Autonomous Delivery Robot capable of delivering goods both indoor and outdoor. Our fleet of Robots will be fully Autonomous, travelling on sidewalks alongside pedestrians at walking speed.

Using a Robust sensor suite, Zazu has a 360 degree vision and complete awareness if its surroundings.

Any business or organisation that deals with deliveries will benefit from our low cost, efficient and sustainable delivery solution.

All our Robots will be fully electric and zero emission thus contributing our share to a sustainable future. Future Concepts is creating Autonomous Delivery Robots and next generation mobility solutions that will revolutionise and transform the way last mile deliveries are performed.